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Benefits and Facilities

We will provide advance security & communication system for you. We will always monitor the security by Close circuit Camera. There will be 40 feet, 30feet, 20 feet wide road of the project. To supply pure water we will have our own pump house to get water from underground. We will build institute for education maintaining the standard of International level. We will also provide kindergarten school, mosque, Islamic institute, library, graveyard etc. to have some recreation we will have some community center, lake, gymnasium and Fun Park for children .We will have Hospital, Clinic, Medical Center for diagnosis. There will be multi storied shopping center & ultra modern market.
Water, Gas, Electricity and Sewerage system will be provided with the help of the concern organization. These expenditures must be paid by the customers. We also have PDB, T&T, Gas CO. and WASA services, Fire Services & Civil Defense and Police camp, Bank and Insurance Co. ATM booth and many business organizations. There are allocated places for these service providers.
Each town in Bangladesh the merchant people or the chief executives of the reputed companies is having the housing facilities. But the middle class people or business man who has limited & transparent income could not afford the housing facilities at their own cost. To get rid of this situation and to lead a beautiful life in an enchanting environment “ Safa Marwah Housing Ltd “ has been established. To implement this great plan your co-operation is highly expected.