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Everyone desires to live in greenery, so “Safa Marwa Housing Limited” has constructed “Safa Marwa Model Town” at a distance of only 4 km from Basila Bridge and Mohammadpur, in the Shamlapur and Pitachaka Mousa of Savar and Keraniganj Thana, located in the Home State Zone of the RAJUK area plan (DAP).Among the world’s megacities, Dhaka is the smallest in terms of area. With the increasing population, the city of Dhaka is becoming unsuitable for living. Considering the needs of modern, affluent middle-class people, as a private entrepreneur, Safa Marwa Housing Ltd. has built a residential project “Safa Marwa Model Town” that could be an attractive residential area for your future. All these arrangements ensure the acquisition of a seamless land parcel according to your needs as a citizen, ensuring the highest harmony of your capabilities and possibilities.
With the proposed Padma Bridge and RAJUK Keraniganj Model Town coming into reality, this project will be transformed into the heart of Dhaka. Purchasing land for this project is the best investment at this time.