Welcome to Safa Marwa Housing Limited

Project Overview


  • Location:

Built in close proximity to the western bypass road.

Just 1 km away from the Dhaka-Aricha and Dhaka-Mawa highways, the only connecting road.

Only 4 km away from Dhanmondi and Mohammadpur Basila Bridge.

7 km away from the Parliament building.

  • Project Details:

The project is free from the Agricultural Zone of DAP.

Total land area: 90 acres.

Registered with Rajuk (RAJUK Registration No. – 72).

Project area: 300 bighas.

  • Plots:

Available plot sizes: 2.5, 3, 5, and 10 katha.

Blocks: A, B, C, and D.

Total units: Approximately 1200.

  • Features:

Residential and commercial plots are available.

Free and advanced communication facilities.

Membership facilities.

  • Membership:

Member of Real Estate & Housing Association of Bangladesh (REHAB)

Plot Allocation Rules

1. After filling up the company’s designated booking form, two copies of the plot recipient and one copy of the nominee, along with a photocopy of the national identity card/passport, must be submitted.

2. Booking money with passport-sized photo must be deposited at the rate of 20,000/= (twenty thousand) per unit and down payment at the rate of 30,000/= (thirty thousand) per unit in cash/check/pay-order in the name of the organization.

3. The installment amount must be paid by the 25th of each month without fail.
All types of payments must be made in favor of SAFA MARWAH HOUSING LIMITED through check/pay-order/cash.

4. Upon payment of booking money and down payment, the initial allocation letter (Letter of Allotment) will be provided.
The price of the plot will be determined according to the company’s specified price list. The company reserves the right to change the price list at any time.

5. During the transfer of the plot, if the area of the plot is less or more, it will be adjusted according to the determined price at the time of booking.

6. Resident buyers abroad can make payments in equivalent foreign currency through TT or bank draft. The exchange rate for the said foreign currency will be determined by the bank for conversion into local currency.

7. In the case of a one-time purchase, the remaining amount of the plot price must be paid within the next 90 days of booking. Then the plot transfer and registration process will be completed. However, in special cases, the registration process can be completed before the transfer of the plot. In the case of installment purchase, the plot transfer and registration process will be completed only after full payment of the price.

8. The plot can be transferred and registered according to the development process completion and the agreement, regardless of the payment.

After the transfer of the plot, a society named “Well Fair Society” will be formed for the social development programs of the project area, with the coordination of the plot owners. All plot owners will be members of the society. A Well Fair Fund will be available for the management of the society’s related expenses, and funds will be deposited in the fund according to the decisions of the society.


9. The buyer will bear the stamp, DUTY, registration fee, VAT, documentation charge, security, and maintenance fee, and other related expenses for plot registration.

10. The authority reserves the right to cancel the plot transfer if the installment is irregular after the plot transfer.

11. In the case of ownership change of the booked plot, the company will have the opportunity to change ownership upon payment of the specified fee. If the applicant disagrees to purchase the plot after payment and transfer, and wants to cancel the transfer certificate and get a refund, then 10% or 10,000/= (whichever is applicable) of the deposited amount will be deducted and the remaining amount will be paid within 90 days of approval for plot cancellation. Alternatively, without any deduction, the full deposited amount will be refunded after 36 months from the date of approval for plot cancellation.
Water, electricity, and other mainline connections will be established in collaboration with the relevant organizations at the initiative of the company in the project.

12. The buyer will bear the specified expenses. Each customer will establish the above-mentioned connections at their own expense from the main line to their respective plots. Before plot transfer and registration, each customer will determine the utility (water, electricity, and other services).

13. The company will not be responsible for delay in project development activities due to natural disaster, political unrest and other reasons beyond control.

In the legal interest of the project, the authority reserves the power to change the design, regulation and layout.